I needed to explore this new skillset of vlogging. Having started a new venture in ecotourism, using this new media for marketing and advertising would be required. In theory, I would simply record interesting soundbites and intriguing videos of the six destinations in our service area. I knew this would not be as simple as I had planned and came across the technical details required along the way.

I did not want to stage any scenes and waited for an opportune moment to begin this vlogging journey. The moment came while traveling to Cuba, New Mexico for errands. A silhouette traveler caught the corner of my eye as I passed him on Hwy 197 north. Earlier, skimming through Instagram, I noticed @theplateletwalker was in the Cibola National Forest on the CDT (Continental Divide Trail).

Following our meal at Del Prado Restaurant in Cuba, Owen, myself, and my two girls posed for a selfie. The opportune moment for my “first” vlog experiment began. I did not have my GoPro, so, I used my iPhone. Not an ideal video recording, but in the words of Casey Neistat and Ben Brown, I used what I had.

Editing my first video was no joke! Five hours later, I figured out the basic functions of my dormant Adobe Premier Pro software, woke up my YouTube channel, and wondered what kind of hit my mobile data plan would have by uploading such a large file.

This new trail I am exploring with you all will not have a destination, but I will share with you many extraordinary moments.

Peace x

Featured photo credit 1005 Faces Wheatpaste Southtown Installation by Nan Palmero