Donate to Navajo individuals, groups, and organizations you have relationships with. They will cover the last mile. Don’t know anyone on the Navajo Nation? Donate to any of these organizations.

Who are the Navajo families?

As a tour operator on the Navajo Nation, our business came to a screeching halt on March 11, 2020 when Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez declared a state of emergency with travel restrictions for off-reservation travel. Some of our travel guests donated their booking dollars to help the Navajo communities we live on. This allowed our team to help individuals and families get hard to reach items. For some families, hard to reach items would be food from the community store…a 30 mile trip for many. Or, a 150 mile day trip, literally, for medication and supplies from the nearest town or city.

How do I help families that need it most?

The Navajo Nation government and community leaders have been getting food to many Navajo communities, so far. The last mile delivery is always the most difficult. Our team know families who do not have reliable transportation to get to these supply events. These individuals and families rely on home visits made by friends, family members, community health representatives, and church members.

Why did the Navajo Nation see a high rate of infections?

We do not know exactly why there was a rapid spread of the disease, but there are real problems that exist for a lot of our Navajo households — lack of water, no electricity, distance to stores, emergency services and healthcare facilities to name a few.

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